A Guided Meditation designed to soothe the spirit of the teenage soul

Meditation Created & Performed by Nancy Neal  /  Music Composed and Performed by Scott Oglesbee 

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  Nancy Neal has been teaching meditation and stress management classes to teenagers since the early 90’s.

  As a teacher at an area JVS, she was asked about the source of her creativity by her graphic arts students.  She explained to them the concept of meditation as a tool to tap into creativity on a subconscious level.  Her students were interested in learning more about meditation. With permission from a school supervisor, Nancy taught her first meditation class to teenagers. (Thank You, John!)

  Interest has increased greatly since that first class.  Students named her program “Mrs. Neal’s not-so-conventional meditation class for teens.”  This unique program grew from their questions, curiosity, and eagerness to learn.

  In addition to the JVS and The Earth’s Center in Tipp City, Nancy teaches at area Juvenile Detention and Youth Centers.  As a volunteer for the Mental Health Association of Miami County, she presents their stress management programs to teenagers, always adding her personal touch.  She has presented her unique teen-oriented class to students at junior high and high schools, church youth centers, community centers, and at many other locations in the area.  Nancy’s program is frequently requested by teachers and other community and youth leaders who recognize the value in this safe and natural stress management technique.

  Nancy’s students respond well to her, and to the meditation class.  Self-respect, personal responsibility, and self-control are always encouraged in her class.  Nancy states, “I always stress to my students that it is their choice to participate to their level of comfort. God gives us free will; I don’t take that away.  Many of my kids have no control over anything in their lives. I really stress the fact that they are in control throughout this entire experience.”

  The majority of the classes Nancy teaches are offered free of charge to students who wish to attend.  Her faith in this program, and her passion to help students find their personal path, led her to the decision to offer to her students in court-ordered juvenile centers a free copy of her CD to encourage them to continue with their practice of meditation.

  Lesson plans in her classes include the Mind-Body Connection, the Teenage Brain, Meditation as a form of Prayer, Health and Nutrition, Stress Response/Relaxation Response, etc.  All classes end with a 20-minute guided meditation.

  With an eclectic background in Theology, Psychology, and Graphic Design, Nancy incorporates the Divine gifts we all possess, the power of the subconscious mind, creative thinking and expression, and safely managing stress, in this unique class she conceived, created, and specifically designed for teens.







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Proceeds from  this CD help to fund Nancy's program which supplies free CDs to students in juvenile facilities.


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